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It’s Friiidaay! 4.5.13

The Scarlet Numbers 4.5.13 I have writers block. I’ve been trying to make a “fake obituary” for Roger Ebert but all my punch lines keep falling flat. I friggin hate that guy and could probably write a book about how … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Answers 4.4.13


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Gender Specific Bullshit

The Scarlet Numbers 4.4.13 Women these days are so god-damned proud of their vaginas it’s sickening. I stumbled across a Facebook page today titled “One Million Moms and Women For The Second Amendment” and I almost puked all over my … Continue reading

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You were bored, but you were never old

The Scarlet Numbers 4.4.13 I can never think about early April without thinking about Cobain. Growing up Nirvana was my oxygen. My nutrients were consumed through my headphones and my idols smashed the instruments they used to create life with. … Continue reading

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Let’s take a look at the numbers 4.3.13

The Scarlet Numbers 4.3.13 It’s that time of the month!  (No, not that one.)  It’s time to narcissistically overanalyze this blog with charts and graphs to try to decipher why the fuck I’m not rich and famous yet. I think, … Continue reading

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Kim Jon’s License to Un

The Scarlet Numbers 4.3.13 Has anyone actually been reading the news lately? Kim Jon what’s- -his-face needs to seriously take a chill pill and stop flexing his puny Scrappy-Doo muscles before the United States of Scooby Doo takes an Scooby-Shit … Continue reading

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Scarlet in Wonderland

The Scarlet Numbers. 4.2.13

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