Gender Specific Bullshit


The Scarlet Numbers 4.4.13

Women these days are so god-damned proud of their vaginas it’s sickening. I stumbled across a Facebook page today titled “One Million Moms and Women For The Second Amendment” and I almost puked all over my MacBook Pro. For a moment I was seriously debating whether or not I should neuter myself just to disassociate myself from these Biased Activists who feel the need to form a Vagina Coalition for every cause under the sun.

I seriously hope their pussies get sunburns and peel off like scabs filled with green crusty ooze and they are left with a vaginaless crotch and nothing left flaunt around like a Macy’s Day Parade.

Here’s the problem you assholes: you’re for the 2nd amendment , that’s fine and dandy. But guess what, vaginas aren’t mentioned in the second amendment you fucking BIASED STUPID BITCHES. Go fuck yourself with cacti and stop wiping your vaginas in places they don’t belong.

I think that people have the definitions of “Equality” and “Prejudice” confused these days. Just because your past generations slaved over a hot stove doesn’t give you the right to be a biased piece of shit.

“Sometimes I wish I could just take a boiling hot iron fresh off the ironing board and mash it in the faces of “every mother who was against drunk driving whose entire organization excluded anyone with a fucking penis.”

I wish I could brand these people like cows with “BIASED BITCH” scarred across the forehead of every women who completely disgraced the idea of equality itself for a chance to prance their vaginas around as if it were some kind of “million vag march on Washington”

Why can’t these stupid women see how unfair they are treating men?

Gonna go take a rage dump.
Be back soon.

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3 Responses to Gender Specific Bullshit

  1. Hassan says:

    Alll hail queen scarlet for lighting up the dark minds and telling the mislead species that they’re frigging overdoing it šŸ˜€
    So I finally respect a vag other than that I came out from..go scarlleeettttt šŸ˜€

    PS: dont sell the site..I just found it šŸ™‚

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