It’s Friiidaay! 4.5.13


The Scarlet Numbers 4.5.13

I have writers block. :/

I’ve been trying to make a “fake obituary” for Roger Ebert but all my punch lines keep falling flat. I friggin hate that guy and could probably write a book about how useless of a human being he was. However, the words just aren’t coming. Truthfully, it’s not because I can’t “write” it’s because I can’t type lying down and I’m too lazy to sit up. I’m typing this on my phone right now because, yeah, I just don’t feel like getting out of bed today.

So what’s new with me? A lot.

I got a new job today! I have to memorize their entire menu by Monday and then take a test.

I realized the other day that I’m obsessed with several things:

1. R.A. Salvatore- I’ve been reading a his books like crazy! Just read Homeland, Exhile, and Sojourn and now I’m almost finished with a book called “The Crystal Shard”

2. Howard Stern, I spend hours everyday just watching old Howard stern videos.

3. I’ve also discovered a new show that I absolutely love called “Adventure Time with Jake and Finn” It’s so awesome! Yesterday I watched the entire first season and today I’ve been watching the 2nd.

Also, yesterday I checked out the new Oz movie and I’ll be writing a review on it tomorrow.

Blah. Sorry, nothing to say today.
Be back as soon as I can sit up.

Need more jack Daniels.

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8 Responses to It’s Friiidaay! 4.5.13

  1. twizzlefiles says:

    Are you sure it was Ebert? Not say…Eggbert? …Roger Moore? Roger Waters! Maybe it was a typo, lord knows things get misinterpreted sometimes in the media…..
    I eagerly anticipate the movie review. OK not really, it fucking sucked. Well except for the image of Mila Kunis in tight leather pants and cfm boots which is still burned into my retina.

  2. jeeprs says:

    The lady un these pics xhewwd me out hahaha…

  3. Gregory Harte says:

    You’re just now discovering Adventure Time? Just wait until you watch the rest of the series. The back stories start to go deeper and darker. I can’t ever explain it to people who haven’t seen it. The last known human is a boy adventurer who was raised as a brother to a magical dog and together they live in a post apocalyptic world that has been taken over by the forces of magic. Yeah, try selling that to your buddies. Lol

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