69 Types Of Vagina


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4 Responses to 69 Types Of Vagina

  1. jeeprs says:

    I ask myself that often..

    • The funny thing is, I always have stuff I want to write about. I think I’ve just become lazier. It’s too hard to type lying down and I don’t like sitting up. My whole life is a nicotine fit

    • lots of new blogs are on their way. I had a near death experience last night. very interesting story. Oh and a blog about phones. My phone was missing for over 24 hours and my life was in shambles until about fifteen minutes ago

      • Hassan says:

        I had a minor heart attack because blackberry might not make any blackberries anymore..in fact the company is up for sale 😦
        Guess ive been saving up for this day..ima use all of my savings and go to the biding..see I can do a warren buffet face too *droopy face*..oh wait..am I off topic? 😀

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