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LinkedIn (the butt) Is your Password Safe?

The Scarlet Numbers 6.6.12 Hello world.  Let’s talk about safety, privacy, and butts again without saying the F-world.  How safe do you think you are when you’re online?  Let’s took a look at some dangerous scenerios…. Dangerous Situation #1:  Putting … Continue reading

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Ten Good Blogs I’ve Made. (And 10 Bad Ones.)

The Scarlet Numbers 5.31.12 So you’ve made a new hilarious blog…you’ve literally laughed your ass off to the point where tears are rolling down your face.  People ask why you’re crying and you tell them that your mother died just … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Scarlet Numbers!

The Neo-Gonzo Journalism “I pity the fool who doesn’t read The Scarlet Numbers.” Please join.. OFFICIAL SCARLETNUMBERS FORUM This week’s blogs: A Case of the Monday’s: BOOK REVIEW: THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES  Top 10 PC Games of the 90’s E3 … Continue reading

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UnPinterested I joined a pretty Pinteresting site today called Pinterest. However, five minutes after browsing this site I think I’m pretty unpinterested. I mean seriously this site is basically equivalent to reading one of those travel magazine you’ll find in … Continue reading

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