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10 Things Facebook Can Do To Be Cool Again

The Scarlet Numbers 6.16.12 Face it, Facebook…you’re not cool anymore. You belong in the realm of fanny packs, pagers, She-Ra and Reebok Pump sneakers. You were just a fad and we’re OVER you.  We’re finished. Facebook is like the Trapper Keeper … Continue reading

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A Face Book Phone?????

The Scarlet Number 5.29. 12 Hello Phone.  Can you hear me?  Can you hear me now?  Hold on…my iphone is getting poor reception, let me try using my FACEBOOK PHONE. “You gotta Bee Kidding me…” Yep! That’s right!  A new … Continue reading

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What the Zuck Was He Thinking!

Two girls one Zuck? Not anymore. The Zuckrooster has just tied the knot and his penis will forever be condemned to one vagina. A day after the historic Facebook IPO, founder, CEO, and Zucking genius Mark Zuckerberg updated his zucking … Continue reading

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10 More Reasons why Google+ is Better Than Sex

The Scarlet Numbers 5.8.12 The Scarlet Numbers 5.8.12 Hello world. As many of you know I’ve been doing a lot of dating recently. After my huge messy breakup with Google+, I finally forgave him for sneaking into my laundry basket … Continue reading

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Where Did Facebook Go Wrong?

Where Did Facebook Go Wrong? We all know exactly when the Star Wars franchise went wrong. Episode 1… We all know when the ninja turtles franchise went downhill, after the 3rd movie We also all know when Google went wrong. … Continue reading

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10 Ten Reasons Why Google+ is Almost Better than Sex

The Scarlet Numbers 4.20.12 I have been doing a lot of soul-searching regarding my use of social networking. It seems like Google+ and Facebook have been fighting to the death over me.  At this end of this soul search let’s … Continue reading

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