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E3 Phone Home!!!!

The Scarlet Numbers 6.5.12 Hello World.  Let’s talk about Nintendo. It looks like they’ve  finally returned back from from a distant galaxy.  The bad news is, they’ve landed safely….but the good news is their new “down to earth”  status actually might be … Continue reading

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Top 10 PC Games of the 90’s

The Scarlet Numbers 6.5.12 Hello world.  Since E3 is just around the corner, I thought I’d start talking about some classic video games.  I’m not really a fan of video games these days.  In fact, I really don’t play video … Continue reading

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Despite Accusations John Edwards is Still A Zelda Fan

John Edwards focuses the cameraman’s lens himself before making his first public statement since the Zelda Controversy began last week. “I’m not afraid to admit I’m a Zelda fan.” John Edwards said as soon as the first witnesses to be called … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Numbers 5.13.12 I have a question. If you witnessed a murder would you tell anyone? What if someone who you loved killed a  child right before your eyes? Would you call the police? Or would you  keep it a … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed 3

How on earth do gaming companies get away with making previews for their games without a second of gameplay? It’s called a video GAME not a video MOVIE! I watched the preview for Assassin’s Creed today and felt like I was watching … Continue reading

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Top Ten Best Board Games of All Time

The Scarlet Numbers 4.27.12 Who doesn’t love board games? Everyone loves board games! Especially when you’re bored! How many countless great memories do you have playing Merry Milkman… 16 bottles of milk, the 8 blocks of butter, 8 trays of … Continue reading

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