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What Is Wrong With Me?

The Scarlet Numbers 6.20.12 What is wrong with me?  I’ve become so useless.  I woke up at 5:00 PM again today after a night of doing NOTHING again.  For the past three days I’ve done nothing except just sit around … Continue reading

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Six Songs I Love By Bands I Hate

November Rain By: Guns and Roses Karma Payment Plan By: Modest Mouse Genie in a Bottle By: Christina Applegate Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me By: U2 Fantasy By: Mariah Carrey Helter Skelter By: The Beatles Stay Tuned … Continue reading

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What Happens After We Die?

The Scarlet Numbers 5.27.12 Hello world.  It’s Sunday!  And you know what that means….no cursing!  It’s time to run to church and beg for forgiveness for writing that blog about vaginas. Sigh. I’ve always been hesitant to talk about religion … Continue reading

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ALBUM REVIEW: MARILYN MANSON BORN VILLAIN Who’s so vain? One thing is for sure, it’s definitely not Marilyn Manson. Back with  Johnny Depp, No Salvation, No forgiveness, and No Reflection the new album Born Villain by Marilyn Manson is definitely … Continue reading

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Crappiness is a Warm Dump

“Screw love, all you need is a bullet proof vest.” The Scarlet Numbers 5.23.12 As many of you know, I hate John Lennon. I think he’s talentless, ugly, wimpy, stupid, childish, egotistical, lame, a horrible vocalist, and a terrible song … Continue reading

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Cum As You Are

There are 3 types of people in this world. You’re either a Kurt Cobain, a Chris Noveselic, or a Dave Grohl. Personality Type: Kurt Cobain A Kurt Cobain is someone with incredible talent but doesn’t appreciate it. You’ll find success … Continue reading

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6 Female Rockstars That Will Probably Kill You

The Scarlet Numbers 5.16.12 6 Female Rock Stars That Will Probably Kill You 1. Courtney Love- Weapon of Choice: Unused Curling Iron Secondary Weapon: Sex Favorite T.V. Show: Punky Brewster She won’t kill you intentionally. She’s likely to crash right … Continue reading

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