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Top 10 #RepublicanMovies

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Why This Next Election Is Critical…

Well, my friends since Obamacare itself is about to be destroyed in the next 24 or so hours all thanks to the flawed system we call “Democracy.” Maybe it’s time to actually take a look at your surroundings and realize … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Eager To Demolish Obamacare…

The Scarelet Numbers 6.23.12 Are Democrats Ready For Their Dreams To Be Destroyed? Republicans nationwide have their popcorn ready.  Next week’s demolition of Obamacare (translation for liberals: The Affordable Healthcare Act) will be proof that Democracy is a stupid fucking idea. … Continue reading

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TOP 10 MOST HATED CONSERVATIVES Republicans simply don’t like change. Don’t ever approach them with a handful of pennies. Yuck. Who needs pennies? Is this thing made out of copper? It tastes funny. Ugh. Wait…Who is that? Wait a minute….that’s … Continue reading

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8 Racist Things You Should Never Say in Front of Black People

8 Racist Things You Should Never Say in Front of Black People #1. The NAACP is Racist Don’t ever say the NAACP is Racist. This just pisses black people off. Black people can’t seem to comprehend that “an association for … Continue reading

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Six Sideshow Freaks

The Scarlet Numbers 5.16.12 Back before America became too PC to spank their own daughters on their butts, this country actually had balls. Real. Solid. Balls. This was before American men became absolute testicleless pansies. Believe it or not, societies … Continue reading

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Despite Accusations John Edwards is Still A Zelda Fan

John Edwards focuses the cameraman’s lens himself before making his first public statement since the Zelda Controversy began last week. “I’m not afraid to admit I’m a Zelda fan.” John Edwards said as soon as the first witnesses to be called … Continue reading

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