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Microsoft Unsurfaces “The Surface” (A Wannabe iPad Look-Alike)

The Scarlet Numbers Microsoft unveiled proof they are “total Apple-Wannabe’s” Monday when they released a new “iPad Clone.”  TSN interviewed a Microsoft employee early Tueday morning while playing Zygna poker… “It looks like an iPad…it smells like an iPad….hell….it even … Continue reading

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E3 Phone Home!!!!

The Scarlet Numbers 6.5.12 Hello World.  Let’s talk about Nintendo. It looks like they’ve  finally returned back from from a distant galaxy.  The bad news is, they’ve landed safely….but the good news is their new “down to earth”  status actually might be … Continue reading

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A Face Book Phone?????

The Scarlet Number 5.29. 12 Hello Phone.  Can you hear me?  Can you hear me now?  Hold on…my iphone is getting poor reception, let me try using my FACEBOOK PHONE. “You gotta Bee Kidding me…” Yep! That’s right!  A new … Continue reading

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Top 10 Free IPhone Apps

The Scarlet Numbers 5.15.12 Top 10 Free IPhone Apps #1. Google Maps- This application is every pizza delivery guy’s dream cone true. And if you order a lot of pizzas (like me) expect your delivery 5 minutes early. Your stomach … Continue reading

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Tech Review: The iPad 2- The Garden of Apple Pt. 2

Tech Review: The iPad 2- The Garden of Apple Pt. 2 Let’s take a minute to talk again about Apple’s Gadget’s & Gizmo’s a Plenty…and by that I don’t mean talk about what Ariel is playing with underneath these bubbles. … Continue reading

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