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Six Hours To Go And I’ve Offically Been Blogging For Two Months!

Paarty!!! WOoooo!!!!

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Six Things That I Would Do If I Had A Time Machine

The Scarlet Numbers 6.18.12 Hello world.  There’s exactly ten things that I would do if I had a time machine.  Most of us would just go back to the early 90’s and invest in Google.  Other people would go back … Continue reading

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6 TV Shows I watch almost everyday…

The 1st & Last Time I will ever talk about TV. The Scarlet Numbers – 6.1.12  Hello world. Do you like to TV shows?  I hate TV more than practically anything.  I especially hate anything that is scripted.  Shows like … Continue reading

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6 Best Free Porn Sites on the Net

The Scarlet Numbers 5.17.12 Face it.  Everyone loves porn.  Even nuns spank their fishtanks when no one is looking.  And with Smart technology becoming more popular than ever, you can spank your fishtank practically anywhere. Even at church! A lot … Continue reading

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Six Sideshow Freaks

The Scarlet Numbers 5.16.12 Back before America became too PC to spank their own daughters on their butts, this country actually had balls. Real. Solid. Balls. This was before American men became absolute testicleless pansies. Believe it or not, societies … Continue reading

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6 Female Rockstars That Will Probably Kill You

The Scarlet Numbers 5.16.12 6 Female Rock Stars That Will Probably Kill You 1. Courtney Love- Weapon of Choice: Unused Curling Iron Secondary Weapon: Sex Favorite T.V. Show: Punky Brewster She won’t kill you intentionally. She’s likely to crash right … Continue reading

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The 6 Trashiest Shows of All Time

The Scarlet Numbers 5.9.12 Believe it or not there was a time when people actually watched shows that had nothing in common with Oscar the Grouch’s home. However somewhere around 1997, we all collectively decided that fist fighting and chair … Continue reading

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